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Fly Spray
Equine Natural Products – Fly Spray 32 oz
Shine Shampoo
Equine Natural Product – Shampoo 16 oz
Mane & Tail Spray
Equine Natural Products – Mane & Tale Conditioning Spray 16 oz
Bug Salve
Equine Natural Products – Bug Salve 8 oz
Hi, I'm Laura from Silver Rock farms also from Infinity Equine Therapy and I highly believe in these products I am into organic and natural and this fly spray really works. If you don't want to use chemicals, this is the deal!
Owner of Silver Rock Farms
Working on a farm, biting flies have always been a problem. I tried the organic fly spray, and found it to be very effective at keeping the flies away from the horses and other livestock, I even use it on myself!
James D
Bell Ans
Do you own a white, or partially white horse? Well, then you know the frustration of trying to remove the green grass and manure stains! Especially if you try NOT to use chemicals / possibly harmful products. Here is finally something as much as you need, and doesn't harm the skin of your horse! Appaloosa gone, white horse is back!
Sofia L
Equine Groom / Trainer / Rider
My name is Lynn and I have used Pink Entourage fly spray and shampoo very successfully for a few years.The flies are not a bother when using the spray.The shampoo is gentle,cleans great and rinses easily.These are wonderful, natural products.
Lynn W
Equine Therapy Instructor / Rider
We love this product here at Roots Cafe! We are located on a farm with some rescued friends and a good amount of flies. This product is wonderful!! It is all organic, smells great, and works great! All of our employees use it along with our animals and, as a result, we are not being annoyed by flies!!! Thank you Equine Natural Products.
Jodi, Dean & Kira
Farm Rescue & Cafe
I'm an equestrian who is around horses many hours a day, this fly spray has helped imensly with the animals, and without harsh chemicals
Jenny J
Equine Rider
That's a nice looking mane- thanks to the perfect products <3
Martha U
Equine Groom / Instructor / Rider