Rosie...our inspiration! She is the reason we created our healthy horse brand!

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Majestic EQ

Our Story

Rosie and I started our journey together in 2017. Our brand shortly developed soon after our time together as there we no products on the market that were safe, non-toxic and worked! 

Majestic EQ was born! Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural ingredient that perform and are healthy for both horse and human!

No harsh chemicals, non-toxic, paraben and sulfate free. 

Our brand, Majestic EQ, provides both of us with the healthiest and best functional products on the market. 

Through the years I have developed many beauty products specializing in haircare.  Horse care was a new venture, but with all the same natural ingredient profiles, principals and philosophy. 

Thank you to all the equestrians helping us to perfect our products before we brought it to market. We were very lucky to have your help! 

Now it’s time to share our equine natural products with you!


Sofi / Trainer/ Equestrian

How many of you owners are like me and worried about brushing your horses mane? I use the High Shine Spray on my horses mane and tail without loosing half of it! It feels great, treats the hair and nourishes. It helps grow my horses mane better! It only takes a few applications to see the difference. Just looks so much healthier to me!

Splashy with Rosie
Kaitlin / Equestrian

I love the Mane & Tail Spray! It smells great and detangles and cleans the hair! Plus, I love knowing there are only natural ingredients.

Laura / Stable Owner / Trainer Silver Rock Farm

Hi, I'm Laura from Silver Rock farms also from Infinity Equine Therapy. I highly believe in these products! I am into organic and natural. This fly spray really works! If you don't want to use toxic chemicals, this is the deal!

Davina / Equestrian

For someone who likes to roll in the mud on a daily basis, I have quite a good outcome after a bath with the equine natural shampoo! It has taken out grass and manure stains, plus everything else he rolled in! He has sensitive skin so now I don't have to worry about him getting irritated! So glad I found these products!

Cafe & Farm Roots

We are located on a farm with some rescued friends and a good amount of flies. This product is wonderful!! It is all organic, smells great, and works great! All of our employees use it along with our animals and, as a result, we are not being annoyed by flies!!! Thank you Equine Natural Products.


I am serious, this is not a cheap compliment. I know how stubbly Pete's coat is after clipping... so whatever you mixed into that shampoo bottle, it's actually mind blowing! I couldn't stop petting him!!!

Rescue Farm

I'm really loving these products! Just bathed my horse and put salve on her belly! Feels like that would be a great overnight hand repair with gloves on! I also switched to your fly spray! Bathed my daughters horse and used the salve on his dry flaky hair falling off skin and coronet band. I'm out of salve and fly spray so I need to get some and some hair products for me too!